The Soothing Power of Beautiful

Blog #4 in the Soothing Series: Gentle ways to regain your composure and find some inner peace

What do you find to be beautiful?  I asked a few friends and heard a variety of answers: a blue sky, a smooth beach pebble, the red rocks of Sedona, a Navaho blanket, my husband’s blue eyes, my new hair color, a Monet landscape, a silk sarong, a ruby ring, the sound a saxophone well played. As they described something they found beautiful, they often smiled, facial muscles softened, and sometimes a dreamy look came into their eyes, and they forgot, at least briefly, whatever was distressing them.  Noticing beauty or even simply thinking of something beautiful can be soothing.

Beauty is subjective. You cannot be wrong about it.  It is your opinion and if it comes from the heart, that opinion is authentically your own.  It is difficult to look, hear, or feel beauty without knowing that, at least for you, it is something special. True beauty evokes love, pleasure, amazement, delight, and a sense of awe towards its Creator.

“Soothe yourself when you have had a difficult day, have too much on your plate, or perhaps are experiencing a period of intense change.  You deserve it.

– Gale

I invite you to look around, wherever you might be. Ask yourself, “What do you find beautiful?” Is there beauty within others in your life? When you think about the spaces in which you live and work, what beauty do you want around you? Can you get rid of colors, clothes, or kitsch that no longer please you?

Escape the trap of thinking that someday beauty will surround you.  Someday is now.  If you are waiting for a hilltop mansion with 360 degree views, start creating your own view today. Fill your current windows with what you find beautiful, perhaps plants, stained glass, pretty glass bottles, clingy plastic cloud patterns available at home improvement stores, or pretty curtains. If you share living or working space, share beauty too.  Create your own little corner, table top display, whatever.  The whole place does not need to be beautiful, as nice as that might be.  Sometimes simplicity best highlights beauty.

Soothe yourself.  Surround yourself with beauty.  You deserve it. I in the comment section I hope you will share with Calm & Centered readers – what do you find beautiful?

In peace,


Photo credits: window view by Molly Champion on ; featured photo by ; the rest by Gale & John Lyman

4 Replies to “The Soothing Power of Beautiful”

  1. Thank you the blog.
    Your words are so true and made me think!
    There is beauty in many things and ways..
    You have a beautiful heart.🌻


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