After Caregiving is Over, Create a Comfort Zone for Yourself

During the life transition of family caregiver recovery, create a healing environment for yourself. Put away the medical equipment and supplies, and fill your space with who and what you love – perhaps plants, essential oils, or some new photos.

Source: Holistic Tips for Recovering
After Family Caregiving, Gale Lyman, June 2019.

We must make quite a picture.  I, in my favorite chair, by the window, feet supported by a cushioned footrest with a blanket on my lap.  Daisy dog beside me on a rug, covered by a blue blanket, her head on my footstool.  The thermometer reads 8 degrees outside, and there is a chill here, even in the sun.  One of us (not me) is snoring.

Interior design magazines would not vie for our picture today.  My chair was $5 at auction.  My footstool found its way from the living room to the back room when its legs broke.  The blanket was a gift from one of my sister’s South American trips. 

My current comfort zone

Are we comfortable? Oh, yes.  Do we care about appearances? Not at this moment.

Find your comfort zone.  Look for things that generate the “ahhh” feeling. Ease back into a favorite chair or couch, move in (or out) of the sun, tuck yourself in with a favorite blanket. Take a moment to tune into your comfort.  What else do you need? Right now, I am thinking of moving the pillow supporting my notebook from my lap to behind my back.  The pillow completes my eclectic look; purchased to accessorize an apartment that we moved out of years ago, it now boasts a Labrador retriever pillow cover make by my British friend Kate.  If the eclectic look drives you mad, gather up what pleases you.  Go ahead; create your own comfort zone. You deserve it. Then, tell us how you did it. Inspire each of us to get comfortable!

Daisy always made herself comfortable

Photos by me.

2 Replies to “After Caregiving is Over, Create a Comfort Zone for Yourself”

  1. Gale enjoyed so much creating comfort zone–as I have for last few months (since having too sell my home on Sebago Lake where my children grew up and my late husband built his sail boat) created a special place-with my new photos,water fountain, essential oils, special books and CD’s. Thank you for sharing your comfort zone. Peace, Jane


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