Summer Morning Awakening

Blog #5 in the Soothing Series

I woke early today, a little grumpy as I generally do better on 8 hours of sleep especially on vacation. Out I went with my morning tea and my dog Sammy so not to disturb my fortunate sleeping husband.

What a treat Mother Nature offered! Today was one of those chilly New England summer mornings full of sensory delights.

The sun rose through the trees.

Mist floated over the field.

Birds sang boisterously.

The grass was wet with sparkling dew. 

The warmth of my tea was welcome in the coolness.

Realizing my words aren’t capturing the experience, I’ll stop here and offer a slide show for your enjoyment.  I wish I could offer you a video, but the birds left the feeder and stopped singing as soon as I started recording. Ah, well.  Breathe deeply, and soothe yourself. Enjoy an early morning.

Day one

Soothe yourself when you have had a difficult day, have too much on your plate, or perhaps are experiencing a period of intense change.  You deserve it.

Day two

In peace,


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