The Soothing Song of the Loons

Blog #6 in the Soothing Series: Gentle ways to regain your composure and find some inner peace

The haunting, sweet song of loons calling across a lake needs no back up singers, no musical accompaniment. It is in perfect harmony with the world, and never fails to sooth my soul.

I miss them. Loons live further north than I so most of the time my desire to hear loons must be satisfied with recordings.  One such recording plays this morning as the sun rises and I write.

But to hear loons in their own environment, singing across a misty northern lake in the early morning, brings joy to my heart.  These birds are survivors and love to sing about it.  Unlike some adaptable species, they cannot manage to live and breed in close proximity to humans.  For a while there, it seems that we would loose them altogether.  Although they migrate throughout the lower 48 states, gavial immer or the common loon breeds only in Alaska, Canada, northern California, Montana, New Hampshire, and Maine.  They prefer island nests on fresh water forested lakes and rivers.  They are generally a quiet bird, except in their breeding grounds where they seem to laugh and wail. Some people say they yodel.  Fortunately they are a popular bird, and once educated about their needs, entire lake communities have united in their efforts to preserve this species and its habitat.  Why?  Love, respect, and a desire for our children to hear the loons.

Do you need to soothe yourself?  Visit loon territory.  If you can’t do that, buy a recording. For free, visit the Loon Preservation Committee’s website to hear various voices of the loon. Listen, close your eyes, imaging a peaceful forested northing lake, and breathe deeply.

In return for their soothing voices, send your love and support back to the loons, these beautiful beings who manage to persevere despite us humans.  

In peace,


Photos by Gale Lyman. My loon photos are low resolution because out of respect, I stay far, far away.

Source: Bull, john, Farrand, John Jr., Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds, Eastern Region. Alfred Knopf, Inc., NY, 1977, p 466.

The Soothing Series

Sometimes, attaining a state of relaxation seems impossible. Even if you know the benefits – quality sleep, resistance to infection, less muscle pain, better problem solving – you cannot get to a relaxed state from your stressed state. Fortunately, even if relaxing seems unattainable, soothing yourself can reduce your stress level by a degree or perhaps two.

Sometimes simple soothing strategies are not going to meet your needs.  At those times, get expert help.  Call your doctor, your therapist, your pastor, or get yourself to an emergency room.  Be safe.

Soothe yourself when you have had a difficult day, have too much on your plate, or perhaps are experiencing a period of intense change.  You deserve it.

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