FREE guided meditation: Count Your Way to Relaxation

Can it be so simple? Count, and you relax?  Yes! Five minutes is all the time you need to feel more at ease. Is your peace of mind worth five minutes of your time? Yes! You are worth it! The guided meditation in this blog is free and available to you whenever you need it.

What is guided meditation?

Guided breathing meditation is the simplest and quickest form of guided meditation. It is also known as deep breathing, breathwork, abdominal breathing, and relaxation breathing. Count to Relax, included in this blog, is a guided breathing meditation. Paying attention to your breath promotes relaxation.  Following the words and suggestions of a guide soothes rather than challenges you. In this instance, I act as your guide and read the guided meditation to you.


To enhance your experience, try to find a time and place you won’t be interrupted for five minutes. Sit, stand, or lie down – it’s up to you. If you decide to sit or lie down, to avoid getting light headed at the completion of the meditation, get up slowly.  Do not use this meditation while driving or performing any other activity that requires your full attention.  You will receive many benefits from guided meditation, often including deep relaxation.

In this blog you have two choices. You can listen to the embedded audio file, or read the text.


If you feel annoyed, tired, distracted, or upset, guided breathing meditations may help.  They can help you to feel more relaxed, calm, and centered. For more specific benefits and health research, read Guided Meditation for Adults and their Caregivers.


Guided meditation is generally safe for most people. But please check with your doctor before trying wellness practices. If you have post traumatic stress disorder or seizures or if you take medication especially for diabetes, thyroid, hypertension, anxiety or sleep, there are some considerations about meditation. For more information, read Guided Meditation: Gentle Relaxation.

Count to Relax Guided Breathing Meditation

During this breathwork meditation, focusing on your breath while counting to four may help you to relax and clear your mind. Adjust the count to your comfort range. You may count to 1, or 10, or whatever suits you. Count to only 1 or 2 if you feel dizzy. Your count may vary from day to day. Be gentle with yourself, and accept the differences without judgment.

Listen to Count to Relax Guided Breathing Meditation
Count to Relax ©The Lyman Center and Gale Lyman, 2017
If you’d rather read the text of Count to Relax Breathing, click here to download your free copy.

Available when you need to relax

You can use this Count to Relax guided breathing meditation as often as you like. Listen to the audio or read the text from your smart phone or computer, via my website or via the Calm and Centered blog.  Try guided meditation in the morning and the evening, when you wake or before going to bed.   A good time to center yourself with guided meditation is before/during/after stressful or unpleasant responsibilities. See what works for you, and share your experience with us in the comment section.

In peace,


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  1. Hi Gale,This meditation was perfect for me.  I let everything drop off and just counted.  So simple, so effective.Much love,NancyNancy Elka Ruchel Segal-Diazcell:  603-867-5050″I wish you successful and happy and have nice day forever.”quote from Michael’s Lao students… www.SMILEproject.USSupporting Multitudes In Life & EducationP.O. Box 371, Swampscott, MA 01907, U.S.A. CallSend SMSCall from mobileAdd to SkypeYou’ll need Skype CreditFree via Skype


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